Afternoon arrival at the Resort is greeted with tea. The air is filled with sounds of chirping birds and the rustling of trees. After a short nap, or a walk about, you are ready for the jeep safari into the Little Rann of Kutch (LRK). The vehicle is typically an open 4x4 and driven by a trained guide.

The safari begins with going past local villages, waving to numerous children and viewing the rich culture and colors of rural India, of course wildlife is all around, and one can see francolins, coursers and birds of prey along the way. You arrive at the entrance into the LRK, this is a dramatic moment because of the expanse of land and water you see.

As you drive into the LRK, you see the Wild Ass, as you approach the water bodies you see that they are teeming with birds, both local and migrants. Spend time bird watching and watch the sun setting. At times the orange sky of the setting sun is pierced with the pink hue of the flamingoes leaving the water. After sunset you drive back after spending about 2-3 hours. Dinner at camp is often followed by a camp fire. The night sky is set alight by the beauty of the milky way.