• The Head of State, who is of the Multani Malek race, traced their descent from the Multani Olia (Saint), Khwaja Bahudin Zakaria generally known as Bahawal Haq Multani.
  • In about 1901, in the time of Malek Shri Zain Khanji, there was a separation and the State of Zainabad was founded and bears the name of the founder.
  • The area of state was 78 KM2 ( 7 villages ), and population of state was 3,414 in 1931
  • Privy purse of state on the time of accession (15Th Feb.1948 ) was Rs.33,800
  • The State had jurisdiction as under:
Criminal : Three months rigorous imprisonment and fines to the extent of Rs. 200
Civil: To the extent of Rs. 500
Revenue Stamps
  • Malik Shri ZAIN KHAN JORAWAR KHAN (1st October 1885-January 1923), succeeded 9th February 1906, married and had issue.
Kumar Shri Hamidkhanji
  • Malik Shri AZIZ MOHAMMED KHANJI ( born 22nd June 1917 – April 1945), succeeded on 26th January 1923, married and had issue.
Malek Shri MOHAMMED SHABBIR, succeed April 10th, 1945
  • Malik Shri MOHAMMED SHABBIR (born 1941), married to Rani Riddhi Malik (born 1940), and has issue.
Kuvar Shri DHANRAJ AZIZ MALIK, (born 1966)

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