• The customs and colors of the local Rabari’s and Bharwad’s
  • The beauty of moving nomadic tribes, the Jat and Halari’s
Music and Art Special Events
  • Local musicians and instruments
  • Endangered music of the Sidi’s
  • Magic shows
Fairs and Festivals
  • Make arrangements to visit local Gujarat festival like - Tarnetar, Ravaichi, Chitra vishetra
  • Gujarat tourism site for list
Important Local Sites
  • MODHERA - Modhera is famous for the sun temple. The Modhera temple has resemblance with the Konark and Khajuraho temples in architectural style. Built in 1026-27 by King Bhimdev, it was partially damaged when Mahmud of Ghazni raided it. The Sanctum Sanctorum, was designed such, that the rays of the rising and setting sun on the day of equinox, fell on the bejewelled statue built by the Suryavanshi Solanki Rajputs, in honour of their ancestral God. The sculptures on the walls of the temple resemble the Konark and the Khajuraho temples.
  • DHRANGADRA, HALVAD & VADHVAN - The historic Jhala Rajput capitals, still retain their old monuments. The fort of Halwad, with its intricate jarokhas, facing the lake, and the chattries of the Jhala Rajputs, are worth a glimpse.
  • JHINJUVADA - The old fort of Jhinjuwada, is strategically situated. It must have protected the Solanki Rajput kingdom, from invaders travelling across the coastal creeks and saline plains of the Rann of Kutch.
  • PATAN - Established during the Solanki era, this town is famous for its architectural wonders. A pretty town with lots of old walls, gates, temples and monuments, the greatest reminder of the golden period of Gujarat, is the Rani-ki-vav step wall.
  • PATDI - One of the few Patel family ruled states in India, Patdi was the 12th century capital of the Jhala Rajput rulers,before they moved to Halwad following a peaceful firman, issued by the Sultans of Ahmedabad.
  • VIRAMGAM - Medieval fort walls surround Viramgam town. The town features in the history of the Solanki Rajputs, the Gujarat Sultanate, the Jagirs, old houses and Havelis can be seen in the town.
  • NALSAROVAR BIRD SANCTUARY - More than a 100 sq Km in area, Nalsarovar is a birdwatchers paradise, with home to numerous migratory and indigenous birds. The huge lake and its islands, attract huge flocks of bird, especially in winter. Padhars and Bharwads have settlements along the lake. The nearby fields are good for seeing sarus cranes, quails and partridges. One can take a taxi or bus to watch the Ducks, Geese, White storks, Rosy Pelicans and Flamingoes at the sanctuary. Two ancient temples of interest are also located within the sanctuary.